Essential Info



  • Showers & toilets will be available in public camping areas
  • No open fires - it should be dry in February and we do not want to set light to Borana
  • Bar and catering available from Thursday evening to Sunday morning serving cold drinks, snack etc

Rusty Nail Caterers will be on site from Thursday evening to Sunday morning serving good food at sensible prices - see menu for details



  Quench your thirst at Kuki's Bar with cold beer, Highlands water or their Club Sodas. Wine, juice and some spirits also available.


After the success of last year, Delia's Ice Cream will be on sale again - perfect after a long race or to keep the kids happy!



Try a tasty toasted sandwich from award winning Brown's Cheese

Chuckies Chips made with Kisima potatoes will be available at BRV