What races/ events can I take part in?

Age 17+


90km Day 1, 62km Day 2


Distance tbc

Age 14+





CHASE (run)

18km run

Age 10+




Distance tbc

Age 9-12 yrs

Mini 10to4 Race 4


Age 6-12 yrs

Mini 10to4 Race 3


Age 6-8 yrs

Mini 10to4 Race 2


Age 4-6 yrs

Mini 10to4 Race 1

2km obstacle course

What is the cost of entry?




2019 Early Bird Entry Fee (KSh)

















MINI 10to4

2,000 (4-6 yrs old)


2,500 (6-12 yrs old)





2019 Early Bird Entry Fee (KSh)








2019 Early Bird Entry Fee (KSh)





When are the early rates valid until?

Early bird rates apply until the 15th December, after which entries increase by 50%.

How can I register for the Altitude Horse Ride?

Registration for the Altitude Horse Ride won’t open until the middle of November 2018. If you are interested in being one of the first to know when entries do open please drop an email to eventmanager@10to4.org with the Subject line ‘Altitude Horse Ride – Interested’ and we will be in touch in due course.

When do entries close?

Entries close on Friday 1st February 2019.

What is the cancellation policy?

This can be found here.

Why is my entry not being accepted?

This is likely to be due to a technical problem. Please email us on eventmanager@10to4.org or call on +254 741 770789 / +254 740 967 679 and we will try and assist.

What methods of payment can I use?

Paybill number: 329959
Account number: Your surname
Amount: xxx

Cheque or Cash
Payable to: Bill Woodley Mount Kenya Company.
Deliver: Mount Kenya Trust, Greystones Offices, Turaco Farm, PO Box 690-10400, Nanyuki, Kenya or deposit at any branch of Standard Chartered Bank.
Account Number: 0102833190000

Bank Transfer
Account Name: The Bill Woodley Mount Kenya Company Ltd
Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank Ltd
Account Number: 0102833190000
Branch: Langata
Bank Code: 02
Name of Account: Mount Kenya Trust
Account No. 42303530
Sort Code: 15-99-00
IBAN: GB89HOAB15990042303530

What is the maximum amount I can pay by MPESA?

Please note MPESA has a single transaction limit of Ksh. 70,000 and a daily transaction limit of Ksh. 140,000. 

If your payment exceeds Ksh. 70,000 we recommend that you check out either via Bank Transfer.

Once your transaction through M-PESA is complete and we have approved it back end you will receive a final email confirming that your place has been secured.

What should I indicate as my account number when paying via MPESA?

Your account number will be auto-generated by the system, when you select payment via MPESA.

I’ve selected the bank transfer option, by when should I have made my payment?

In order to secure your spot, proof of your payment should have been sent to eventmanager@10to4.org ASAP. Once we have confirmed payment back end you will receive a final email saying that your spot has been secured.

How will I know that my application has gone through?

Once we have confirmed payment back end you will receive one final confirmation email, with details of your payment and registration.

Do I have to book my accommodation right now?

No, but should you be interested in camping on Borana Conservancy at the Race Village, there will be a camping charge of 1,000Ksh per adult (18+). If you are unsure yet of your accommodation plans you have until 1st February to confirm your camping arrangements. Email eventmanager@10to4.org for further details.

Do I have to book Bike Drop right now?

No, but spots are limited and they will be filled on a first come first served basis. We will close Bike Drop bookings on Friday 1st February 2019.

When is onsite registration?

Borana Race Village opens at 2.00PM on Thursday 14th February. Registration is open from Thursday 2-8pm, all day Friday (6.30am onwards), and Saturday morning at the Kisima Horse Patrol START line (6.30-8.00AM).The Mini 10to4's can register at any time, including Sunday morning (6.30AM onwards).

At registration you will receive your 10to4 pack, which includes your number, camping wristband (if paid for), t-shirt, AMREF card (if paid for) and programme.

How can I go about booking my accommodation

If you have not secured accommodation but would like to stay on at the Race Village on Borana Conservancy on the 10to4 weekend, please note you have until the 1st of February to make your accommodation arrangements. Email eventmanager@10to4.org for further details.

Is food and drinks available at Borana Race Village?

Yes, there is food and drinks available from Thursday evening through to Sunday lunch provided by Rusty Nails.

If camping at Borana Race Village, can you cook?

Yes, but just be careful of your surroundings. We request that there are no open fires though as it can be dry in February.

Is there clean water, toilets and showers at Borana Race Village?

Yes, there are toilets and clean water showers provided at the Race Village. The water however is NOT drinking water or water for cooking (you will need to bring your own). Drinking water however can be bought at the bar.

If I change my mind, can I give out my slot?

Yes, you can, please write to us eventmanager@10to4.org with the name and email of the new entrant. Please note that change of entrant deadline is the 1stFebruary. After the deadline, no changes can be made.

Do I have to pay to be a spectator?

No, but if you are camping at the Race Village on Borana Conservancy on Friday and/or Saturday night you will need to pay a camping charge of Ksh. 1,000 per adult (over 18).

Must I purchase AMREF medical insurance in order to participate?

No, but we highly recommend that you do if you do not have any prior medical or evacuation insurance cover. Without prior cover, emergency medical evacuation can cost over $4000, which must be paid BEFORE treatment or flight. In an emergency, if there are issues with payment, this can be life threatening. You can purchase AMREF medical evacuation cover for the event at just 1,000 Ksh, on the online registration form.

Am I required to fundraise?

There is no minimum fundraising requirement for participants, but we highly encourage all our participants to fundraise for the causes that the 10to4 supports. Please visit the Fundraising page on the 10to4 website for further details.

I’d like to speak to someone from the 10to4 Team

If you have any questions about your entry or the event please don’t hesitate to email us (eventmanager@10to4.org) or call us (+254 741 770789 / +254 740 967 679).