Taking part in the Tropic Air 10to4 helps us to protect the mountain you are riding down.

Why not support Mount Kenya in more ways than your entry and raise critical funds for mountain conservation?

There are great prizes on offer this year.Top sponsorship earns a Tropic Air helicopter flight around Mount Kenya at next year’s event, and anyone who raises over 20,000KSh will be entered into a prize draw to win two sets of adult tickets to Mombasa or Lamu/Malindi, courtesy of Fly540.

Download your sponsorship form HERE.

Here’s what your extra money could buy:

$30 – One wheelbarrow for a tree nursery group or 10 watering cans

$50 – One pair of boots for a ranger

$55 – Energy saving jiko for a family (cuts their fuel use by 60% saving time and money)

$75 – One community health mobiliser monthly salary

$300 – Medicine for a monthly clinic

$360 – A ranger rations for year

$400 – A water tank for a community group

$800 – A large tent for rangers

$1000 – Horse feed for patrol ponies for one year

$1000 – One industrial sized energy saving jiko for schools (cut schools energy bills by 60%)

$1500 – Buy 10,000 indigenous trees (15 cents per tree)

$1600 – set of 4 tyres for patrol team vehicle

$1800 – ranger salary & rations for a year

$2,500 - Elephant corridor maintenance per month

In addition, the best PHOTOGRAPH wis a stay at the exclusive mountain Ragati Conservancy tented Camp, located southwest Mount Kenya.

Mount Kenya is one of Kenya's most important water catchment areas whose forests must be preserved to keep water flowing to millions of Kenyans. It feeds the country's largest river, the Tana, which through hydropower generates up to half of Kenya's electricity. It is home to almost 2500 of Kenya’s elephants and a large proportion of the country’s remaining indigenous forest.

But with a growing economy and an increasing human population, protecting the mountain for future generations has never been more critical. This means projects to help the authorities to protect forests, educate children about the environment, ending wildlife poaching and easing human-wildlife conflict.

Since the 10to4 was established, over $500,000 has been raised to support the MKT in their work. This includes planting more than half a million trees, building and maintaining a 14km elephant corridor through farmland, two elephant underpasses, returning over 450 hectares of bare land to indigenous forest, tree nurseries nurturing hundreds of thousands of seedlings, and helped 50,000 Kenyans with health care and thousands of children understand conservation better.


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