Distance: Approx 80KM on Day 1 & 62KM on Day 2
Minimum Age: 17
Date: 15th & 16th February 2019
Entry Fee (KSh): 30,000

NOTE: This NEW route will be relatively unmarked, unmanned and unmarshalled.

Competitors MUST have GPS equipment to ride this route (we will provide the required files closer to the event) and ride in pairs.

Held over two days, the Extreme combines both the 80KM Hardcore and the Roller Coaster Classic on the Saturday.

Extreme,adj. exceeding what is usual or reasonable.

The 2019 Extreme on Day One will be very different from all other 10to4 events. Roughly 80km with a 1850 meter climb. It is not for the faint of heart. If in doubt over either your endurance capabilities or technical riding prowess perhaps the “Classic or Rush” is the answer? You must be a seasoned mountain bike rider to take part.

Prepare both your bike and yourself well, and rest assured, fun will be had. You might suffer a little, but actually in the great scheme of things, this is an opportunity that’s on offer for the first time in the north of Laikipia full of thrills.

The route will initially take you over almost 20km of Borana Conservancy with obvious great game viewing possibilities. Followed by a meander through the Mukogodo forest, one or two hills and a great bit of single track. Beyond this is a truly spectacular drop to the base of the escarpment (750 meters in 10 km). This section is fast, loose, twin track with a good possibility of leaving skin on the track. Please don’t.

The warm to hot plains you now traverse are a haven to the devil thorn (Tribulus terrestris) country. Tubeless tyres with puncture gunk an absolute must. If you don’t already enjoy almost punctureless pedalling, get organised? Carry the usual spare gunk filled tubes, pump etc.

The final hill out of the low lands and back onto Borana is left to your imagination. It’s tough, though all you need to concentrate on is the Ngare Ndare river back at camp.

Once above the zone of questioning why you pedal, a rather pleasant 10 or so kms await you through Borana and back to camp.

We strongly recommend that you buddy up for the first day of the Extreme. If you can’t find a buddy we can share names of entrants nearer the event so that you can try an link yourself up with someone of similar capabilities. 



Distance: 62KM

Minimum Age: 14

Date: 16th February 2019

Entry Fee (KSh): 24,000

Held on Day 2, the Classic is an experience that has become synonymous with the 10to4. Starting at nearly 3000 meters, (10,000 feet), on the northern slopes of Mount Kenya, riders will descend some 70km over demanding terrain, through indigenous forest and wide open plains, abundant with wildlife, down to the Ngare Ndare Forest at 1940 meters, (6400 feet).

The ride is not however all downhill, featuring some vicious climbs when the body least wants it. Estimated ride time between 2 and 6 hours depending on ability. A high level of fitness and experience is required.



Distance: 56.6KM

Minimum Age: 14

Date: 16th February 2019

Entry Fee (KSh): 24,000

Running concurrently with the 'Classic' on Day 2, 'The Rush' is a less arduous 56km ride but will still provide exhilaration for mid-level cyclists and those seasoned mountain bikers who spend more time in their office chairs than is good for them.

Estimated ride time between 2 and 5 hours depending on ability.



Distance: 39KM

Minimum Age: 10

Date: 16th February 2019

Entry Fee (KSh): 15,000

Running concurrently with the ‘Classic’ and ‘Rush’ on Day 2, the Slide is a gently undulating and pleasant ride, suitable for all. Estimated ride time for this 39km route is between 1.5 to 4 hours, depending on ability.

Children between the ages of 10 and 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the event.



Distance: TBC

Minimum Age: 17

Date: 15th February 2019

Entry Fee (KSh): 4,000

Enduro is a type of mountain bike racing where the downhills are timed, and the uphills are not. Riders are timed in stages that are primarily downhill, with neutral "transfer" stages in between. The transfer stages usually must be completed within a time-limit but are not part of the accumulated time.

Enjoy the trails, have fun, meet people, ride great technical trails. Be happy to take responsibility for yourself and anything that happens on the Trail. Bicycles must be robust and in good working order. Tubeless tires pretty much a must. Come prepared with: Spares, mini pump, multi tool, tubes, zip ties, puncture repair kit, phone, spare hanger, tire levers, first aid kit, water, food & snacks…MUST have experience on technical trails.

Come for a real “adventure” ... It’s going to be a great ride! Keep the rubber side down!!

For more information email

MINI 10to4

MINI 10to4

Date: 17th February 2019, 7am race briefing, 7.30am race starts
Entry Fee (KSh): 2,000 (4-6 yrs) and 2,500 (6-12 yrs)
Sponsorship Form
Info Sheet

Held on the Sunday, the hugely popular children's races will take place at Borana Race Village.

Pre-entry only - entries or changes on the day will NOT be accepted. Race briefing starts at 7am.

  • Race 1 - open to 4-6 year olds over a 2km obstacle course.
  • Race 2 - open to 6-8 year olds over approx. 4.5km.
  • Race 3 - open to 6-12 year olds over approx. 9km.
  • Race 4 - also open to 9-12 year olds over approx. 13.5km.

Individual and Teams Entries available.

If entering as a team your time will still be counted for individual ranking. Teams must be made up of 4 children; these can be mixed age and gender as long as they are all competing in the same race. An average time will be taken of all 4 competitors. If you want to register a team, when registering for the Mini 10to4 please select the Team option and detail your Team name and names of the 3 other team mates. If your teams are not 100% confirmed please mark names as TBC but ensure that you email your final team list to before the 1st February 2019 otherwise your team won’t be counted.

We will also be running an inter-school competition so please be specific about which school your child attends as points will be given to all competitors depending on placings and the ‘winning’ school awarded at Prize Giving on Sunday 17th.

Finally, don’t forget that there is a prize for the top fundraising courtesy of Tropic Air – a flight around Mount Kenya.

If you wish to ride with your child, please complete a separate registration form and select ‘adult rider supporting mini 10to4 cyclist’ and we will class you as riding 'hors concour'. Your age will give you away!



Distance: TBC, riding time approx. 4-5 hrs

Minimum Age: 10+

Date: 15th February 2019

Min. Entry Pledge (KSh): 24,000 (includes a pony for the ride, Ride@Altitude 10to4 polo shirt and event goody bag).

About the ride:

The Altitude Horse Ride will take place on the beautiful savannah of Borana Conservancy. This really is a ride in the wild! Apart from the unforgettable and incredible landscape, you will come across game of all types; small and large. It will take just under 3 hours and you will ride in groups and be professionally guided.

There in excess of 25 quality, experienced safari horses available for this incredible opportunity, generously being provided by the Dyer Family (approximately one third of the equines will be made available to experienced, junior riders).

Regular pre-riding will be required so that you are fit enough to manage the horses and enjoy the ride. Applicants need to be intermediate level (able to control the horse in walk, trot, canter).

To gain a place, riders must each raise 24,000 KSh minimum for the conservation causes supported by Mount Kenya Trust - by the closing date January 15th 2018. This will include a pony, a Ride@Altitude 10to4 polo shirt and event goody bag. In addition, all those entered will be in turn entered in the 10to4 raffle draw for free flights to the coast and top sponsorship raised (including cyclist and runner competitors) wins a Tropic Air helicopter flight around the Mountain at next year’s event!

To register your interest please email Wizzy at with the following information required: name, age, weight, amount and type of riding experience. If you fit the criteria you will then be sent a link to the official entry form and the sponsorship form.