Taking part in the Tropic Air 10to4 helps us to protect the mountain you are riding down. "The 10to4 is our most significant fund-raising event each year," says Susie Weeks, Mount Kenya Trust's Executive Director. "Every single person who takes part puts money directly into the projects that are vital to protect Mount Kenya's environment and supporting its people."

Since the 10to4 was established in 2002, over $700,000 has been raised to support the Trust in their work. This includes planting more than half a million trees, building and maintaining a 14km elephant corridor through farmland, two elephant underpasses, returning over 450 hectares of bare land to indigenous forest, tree nurseries nurturing hundreds of thousands of seedlings, and helped 50,000 Kenyans with health care and thousands of children understand conservation better.

The 2020 Tropic Air 10to4 was the most successful yet and thanks to all the amazing efforts we raised a RECORD 10 MILLION KSh for mountain conservation!  Once again we are asking all competitors to go the extra mile by supporting Mount Kenya in more ways than just the entry by raising critical funds for mountain conservation.

Here are a couple of useful resources to support your fundraising: