10to4 Mountain Bike Challenge



Distance: Approx 80KM on Day 1 & 62KM on Day 2
Minimum Age: 17+
Date: 12th & 13th February 2021
Early Bird Entry Fee: Ksh 20,000 / $200 / £160

Extreme, adj. exceeding what is usual or reasonable.

Held over two days, the Extreme combines both the Hardcore and the Roller Coaster Classic. This event will challenge the fitness and technical abilities of seasoned mountain bikers and elite teams.

Covering approx. 80km on Day 1, riders will face an elevation gain and loss of nearly 2000m with fast technical sections and single track all on Borana Conservancy. Day 2 follows with the Roller Coaster, a 62km race, that has become synonymous with the 10to4.

The Extreme is not for the faint of heart. If in doubt over either your endurance capabilities or technical riding prowess perhaps the “Classic or Rush” is the answer? You must be a seasoned mountain bike rider to take part.

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Distance: 62KM
Minimum Age: 14+
Date: 13th February 2021
Early Bird Entry Fee: KSh 16,000 / $160 / £130

Held on Day 2, the Classic is an experience that has become synonymous with the 10to4. Starting at nearly 3000 meters, (10,000 feet), on the northern slopes of Mount Kenya, riders will descend some 70km over demanding terrain, through indigenous forest and wide open plains, abundant with wildlife, down to the Ngare Ndare Forest at 1940 meters, (6400 feet) and then onto Borana Conservancy, finishing at Borana Race Village.

The ride is not, however, all downhill, featuring some vicious climbs when the body least wants it. Estimated ride time between 2 and 6 hours depending on ability. A high level of fitness and experience is required.

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Distance: 56.6KM
Minimum Age: 14+
Date: 13th February 2021
Early Bird Entry Fee: KSh 16,000 / $160 / £130

Running concurrently with the 'Classic' on Day 2, 'The Rush' is a less arduous 56km ride but will still provide exhilaration for mid-level cyclists and those seasoned mountain bikers who spend more time in their office chairs than is good for them.

Estimated ride time between 2 and 5 hours depending on ability.



Distance: 39KM
Minimum Age: 10+
Date: 13th February 2021
Early Bird Entry Fee: KSh 10,000 / $100 / £80

Running concurrently with the ‘Classic’ and ‘Rush’ on Day 2, the Slide is a gently undulating and pleasant ride, suitable for all. Estimated ride time for this 39km route is between 1.5 to 4 hours, depending on ability.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be awarded to two categories of competitors: the under-18 riders and over-18 riders.

Children between the ages of 10 and 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the event.

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Distance: approx. 62KM / approx. 56.6km
Minimum Age: 14+
Date: 14th February 2021
Entry Fee: KSh 16,000 / $160 / £130

At the 2021 Tropic Air 10to4 eBikes are able to enter either the CLASSIC or RUSH event. However, the eBike class will compete in their own race.

For more information on either of these routes please see their corresponding tabs.


  • Max. Battery size is 500 Watt Hour
  • Max. motor size 250 Watts
  • The battery will be sealed onto the bike at the start

A limited number of eBikes can be rented from the Bikeshop.co.ke so please get in touch with Zaina and David on 0746 512 809 and sales@bikeshop.co.ke as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

MINI 10to4

Braeburn MINI 10to4

Date: 14th February 2021, 7am race briefing, 7.30am race starts
Entry Fee (KSh): 2,000 (4-6 yrs) and 2,500 (6-12 yrs)
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Info Sheet

Held on the Sunday, the hugely popular children's races will take place at Borana Race Village. Race briefing starts at 7am.

Pre-entry only - entries or changes on the day will NOT be accepted.

  • Race 1 - open to 4-6 year olds over a 2km obstacle course
  • Race 2 - open to 6-8 year olds over approx. 4.5km
  • Race 3 - open to 6-12 year olds over approx. 9km
  • Race 4 - also open to 9-12 year olds over approx. 13.5km

Please note, for a child to take part in a specific race they must be within the age range specified on race day.

Once again we will also be running an inter-school competition so please be specific about which school your child attends as points will be given to all competitors depending on placings and the ‘winning’ school awarded at Prize Giving on Sunday 14th.

Finally, don’t forget that there is a prize for the top fundraising courtesy of Tropic Air – a flight around Mount Kenya.

If you wish to ride with your child, please add your name to the question ‘adult rider supporting mini 10to4 cyclist’ and we will class you as riding 'hors concour'. Your age will give you away!

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Altitude Ride in the Wild on Borana Conservancy

Date: 12th February 2021

Horse Riding @ 10to4 will take place on the beautiful savannah of Borana Conservancy. The horses will ride in groups and will be professionally guided.

Regular pre-riding will be required so that you are fit enough to manage the horses and enjoy the ride. Applicants need to be intermediate level (able to control the horse in walk, trot, canter).

Registration for Horse Riding @ 10to4 won’t open until the end of November 2020. If you are interested in being one of the first to know when entries open please drop an email to eventmanager@10to4.org with the subject line ‘Horse Riding @ 10to4 – Interested’ and we will be in touch in due course.

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