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The 10to4 Event would not happen without our awesome sponsors, partners, volunteers and friends


From Title Sponsor Tropic Air, through Platinum Plus Dormans Coffee and Mini10to4 Supporter Kisima Farm, to Silver Sponsors Agventure, Bayer, Equinox and HM Clause, the Water Stop Sponsors, loyal Friends of Mount Kenya Trust, and all the wonderful folk who give or loan kit, donate consumables, or contribute their valuable time to making the weekend such an incredible event - we salute you!

Thanks to these generous people we can run the event without needing to dip into the money raised from race fees, and this in turn can be used to support work which, however vital, tends not to attract funding from high profile donors or government grants.  We're talking about the nitty gritty that might not be sexy but is essential to keeping the Trust going as an organisation - rangers salaries, administration costs, vehicles, building maintenance, and all that stuff that has to happen in the background.  Money raised through the Mountain Bike Event is also there for emergencies - last year we really needed it when the mountain caught fire almost immediately after Race Weekend, and we were so thankful that there was funding to pay to feed firefighters, carry out essential aerial surveillance, and keep the support team going until the fires were extinguished.


So a huge THANK YOU to everyone who makes the 10to4 Event such a fantastic success on every level!

Find out more about our wonderful sponsors and how they support Mount Kenya Trust and 10to4 ....


Tropic Air is an air charter and helicopter company, providing private charter flights, heli-safaris and much more.

With 30 years flying low over this incredible continent we know it intimately. Following in the footsteps of aviation pioneers, yet flying even wider, deeper and more remotely, we offer a range of air services using a fleet of high performance aircraft, that provide extensive versatility and flexibility to meet a range of aviation needs.

“We love the mountain for all it represents to Kenya – not only an iconic peak but also a lifeline for thousands. 10to4 is a key fundraiser for the Mount Kenya Trust and we are proud partners, working together not only for the event but all year round, through fire-fighting training or ranger support.”

Jamie Roberts, founder and managing director of Tropic Air



Dormans Coffee Ltd (Dormans) is East Africa's premier coffee roaster and a trusted household brand. 

Since 1950, Dormans has sourced the finest coffee beans from the Mt. Kenya region. This year, Dormans returns as a Platinum sponsor to Mount Kenya Trust (MKT) whose central mission revolves around strengthening communities and conserving the natural ecosystems in the region.

Ever wondered why your cup of Dormans coffee tastes so good?

Dormans Roastmasters with years of experience skillfully extenuate the wonderful nuances and flavours from this coffee. You can sample this delightful Mount Kenya coffee at the milestone 10th anniversary of the partnership, and of the 10 to 4 Bike event.

At Dormans, we are passionate about improving the communities in which we operate with every cup of exceptional coffee.


Kisima Farm has gone the extra mile this year to support the Mini 10to4 event, and thanks to generous funding we have been able to completely re-design the Mini Course.  This will be open all weekend so Mini 10to4 competitors can have a practice run on Saturday before their big day on Sunday 26th February.

Braeburn Nanyuki logo horizontal
Braeburn Nanyuki International School is pleased to be sponsoring the 10to4 Mountain Bike Challenge 2023.  "Each year a huge proportion of children competing in the event, especially the Mini 10to4, are Braeburn children!  The weekend at Borana is a staple in so many diaries, including Braeburn’s. We can't wait to see what excitement this year's event brings and wish all competitors the very best."


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Pure Mountain Logo

Agventure Ltd’s main focus is Conservation Agriculture.  Conservation Agriculture is based on elimination or reduction of ploughing exercises which disrupt the soils natural processes; preservation of soil = reduced erosion and water conservation; increased use of rotational crops to break the cycle of disease; focus on promoting and boosting biological activity and diversity; more opportunistic farming – fewer fixed dates and more season-based cropping decisions.

"The 10 to 4 traverses some of our pioneering farms practising sustainable conservation agriculture in Kenya. What do we mean by conservation agriculture? Conservation agriculture is “a set of soil management practices that minimize the disturbance of the soil's structure, conserves soil, water and enhances biodiversity.”

The money raised from this incredible event is used to protect Mt Kenya; one of Kenya’s key water towers, and a biodiversity haven. Agventure and Pure Mountain are extremely proud to be sponsors of the 2023 10 to 4 event. Good luck to all those competing this year!"


Kenya hosts Bayer East Africa Ltd. which is the regional office serving Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda where we partner with distributors, farmer organizations and governments to provide solutions in our various competencies.

The three main divisions are represented in Kenya. The Crop Science Division deals with seeds, crop protection and non-agricultural pest control. The Pharmaceuticals focuses on prescription products, especially for women healthcare, anti-infectives and cardiology while Consumer Health concerns itself with sales and marketing of over-the-counter (OTC) medications, nutritional supplements, dermatologic and other self-care products.

Today, Bayer East Africa Ltd has close to 200 employees working in the different divisions in three countries; Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Equinox Logo

Equinox produces T-Hybrid roses, employing a simple growing system – with 100% supply to the Dutch flower auction. Our mission is to maximize on the advantage of operating in one of the best growing climates in the world, and we are committed to green and sustainable technology, aiming not only for excellent field quality but also the best graded quality and freshness achievable.


An international leader in sustainable agriculture, HM.CLAUSE specializes in the breeding, production, and sales of high-quality vegetable seeds. Pursuing innovative answers to feed and protect the planet is what we do — and our dedicated team operates across 30 countries to serve growers on every continent. Together, we build a strong collaboration with the farmers we serve, earning trust by providing the support to sustainably improve the quality and taste of healthy food.


River Cafe

The Outpost – Kisima - established in 2022. The Outpost, based at Kisima Farm, serves the community around the farm and travellers to the northern frontier with fuel and fuel-related products.  A tyre centre will soon be installed for the sale of a wide variety of tyres, and to carry out quick oil and filter changes.

The River Café – Karura, is a well-established restaurant in Karura Forest, Nairobi.  Already a financial contributor to conservation through it’s partnership with Friends of Karura Forest, The River Café management is committed to the protection of the environment in which it operates, and beyond.

"The directors and staff of The Outpost and The River Café are long-standing supporters of environmental conservation and are happy to extend this support to Mt. Kenya Trust through the 10to4 event.


Borana Lodge Logo

Historic Borana Lodge is located at the heart of Borana Conservancy, set against a beautiful hillside with an organic design and panoramic views throughout - see for yourself by following this link>>

Borana Lodge is the only lodge in Kenya to invest all retained earnings into conservation. This means that every night spent at Borana Lodge is invaluable to the conservation of the surrounding landscape, communities and wildlife. Thus, staying at Borana Lodge acts as a direct contribution to safeguarding the future of endangered wildlife in Kenya.  This truly is travelling with a purpose.


Laragai House is a family home built on Borana Conservancy, a perfect escape for a group of friends or families who would like to stay in an exclusive use property. The house sleeps 16 guests in eight bedrooms who are warmly received by our team of highly experienced staff. Wildlife viewings can be enjoyed from horseback, open cars, on foot or from the house itself.

Laragai’s affiliation with the Borana and Lewa wildlife conservancies provides access to the results of many years of conservation and community development.

LewaLogo-670x726 copy

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy serves as a safe refuge for the critically endangered black rhino and the endangered Grevy’s zebra, as well as the elephant, lion, giraffe, wild dog and other iconic wildlife species in Kenya. The Conservancy is also home to more than 400 species of birds. Lewa has combined the techniques of world-class anti-poaching operations, including cutting edge monitoring technology, with the engagement of the surrounding communities as critical partners in conservation.

Lewa envisions a future where people across Kenya value, protect and benefit from wildlife. This future depends on communities being able to derive their day-to-day livelihoods in ways that are compatible with thriving wildlife habitat. As a result, Lewa invests heavily in the livelihoods of its neighbours through programmes in education, healthcare, water, micro-enterprise, youth empowerment and more.

Lewa and Borana also house nine tourism properties that offer an unparalleled, intimate, conservation-focused safari experience.


Nestled amongst the northern slopes of Mt. Kenya, Ol Donyo Farm has been in operation for the last century farming wheat, barley, canola, peas, and cattle.

Rift Valley Adventures

Rift Valley Adventures (RVA) is a leading outdoor activity and adventure tourism company in Kenya, providing outstanding adventure learning trips for 10’s of thousands of students and adult groups worldwide, since 2001.  Fuelled by our key values “Ecological, Sustainable, and Responsible,” we promise to tailor a unique and unforgettable adventure for you - no two trips at RVA are the same, every trip is different, every time!

"Nearly 20 years ago, we began providing adventure training and outdoor education trips for school children and adult groups. What started out as a small company in the heart of Kenya’s rift valley has blossomed into a leading outdoor activity and adventure company, providing both student and adult groups with the opportunity to learn through adventure. Our priority is for you to have a safe, educational, fun and meaningful adventure, interacting with the local people, taking in breathtaking landscapes, and supporting community and conservation projects. We have been a proud supporter of the 10to4 for several years now for this very reason."

Sirai House

A private home in the Borana Conservancy in the Laikipia region of Kenya, located at the foot of snow-capped Mount Kenya, Sirai House sits in a secluded 250-acre estate, high on a ridge with spectacular views in all directions, surrounded by indigenous forests and game-rich Kenyan hills and plains.

At the end of the warm day, when the sun sets and the air cools, the stars shine down on Sirai. Sated from dinner, with the day’s wonders still placing a smile on your lips, it is time to retire to one of our sumptuous bedroom suites. Each cottage stands apart for privacy and seclusion, creating a personal space to retreat yet always in contact with the main house by phone for anything you require.

Tambuzi-logo - approved

Tambuzi has 25 hectares of roses and summer flowers at its original Burguret site, and complimentary production of sustainable forestry, bee keeping, and livestock. Recently Tambuzi has expanded to two more farms in Timau to meet the demand for its high quality flowers. Tambuzi is a company driven not just for profit but also with a goal of having beneficial social impact in all its activities. The strap line ‘stop and smell the roses’ sends a simple message – be always mindful of what you do and enjoy it.

The company considers the welfare of its employees and the neighbouring communities to be part of its strength. Tambuzi’s good practices ensure that we mitigate potential negative impacts on the environment. Like farms around the world, this is the place that Tim, Maggie and their children call home, and, as such, is so much more than just a business.  See how Tambuzi supports the 10to4>>


Arijiju is a beautiful, private getaway in the game-rich, malaria-free, Kenyan Highlands with rare, truly wild luxuries.  An elegant spa and hammam, a gym, clay tennis and squash courts, a pool and glorious, health-focused menus make wellness feel effortless.  Explore 97,000 acres dedicated to conservation as well as helicopter flips, quad bike safaris, horse riding and big five game drives.


Nanmatt is an independent supermarket in the heart of Nanyuki.  Supplying both imported goods and local produce, if you can't find what you want on the shelves they will endeavour to source it for you.

Well Hung Butcher

The Well Hung Butcher is owned by a group of 8 Conservancies and regenerative livestock producers in Laikipia under the umbrella of the AgWild Group.  Our focus is to deliver the highest quality, 100% natural pasture raised beef and lamb to the Kenyan market, and to support our producers with sustainable management of livestock as part of an integrated system that conserves biodiversity and wildlife.

"Our producers rely on water from rivers that flow from Mt Kenya and the Aberdares, while the WHB processing facility is located on the slopes of Mt Kenya.  We all benefit directly from the climate, water and other ecosystem services provided by this critical water tower. 

We support the 10to4 because it brings people from all over Kenya and beyond to cycle through this incredible landscape and to support its long term preservation through the work of the Mt Kenya Trust."


AutoXpress logo

AutoXpress is an importer, distributor and retailer of tyres, auto parts and accessories in the East African Market. We offer an extensive range of repair and services through a well established network of 50+ outlets across Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda.

AutoXpress is a well-established and trusted brand, underpinned by a successful history and heritage spanning over 60 years


Excel are a leading Food & Beverage Manufacturer in Kenya and have been in the manufacturing sector since 1982. We manufacture a wide range of popular products including Quencher Fruit Flavoured Drinks (which has been awarded the Superbrands status), Quencher Life Water, Excel Glucose, Raha Drinking Chocolate & Cocoa, Fruitfull Range of Nectars and Juices, Jellypop Ready-To-Eat Jelly, Reload Isotonic Drinks and Gofrut Range of Juices.

Isotonic drinks are certainly a good alternative to mighty water by exhibiting all-round benefits. Thus, to support the active people and meet their needs, RELOAD offers two variants of isotonic drinks, i.e. Lemon and Orange. Enriched with vitamin C to boost your immunity, RELOAD isotonic drinks promote your overall health and well-being!

Farmer Max

Farmer Max is a 2018 start-up farming venture situated near Timau, northern Kenya.

We practice management intensive grazing methods to restore soil fertility and ensure the raising of happy, healthy animals.

We aim to produce the highest quality meat products on the market. We are starting with broilers (meat chickens). After our broilers are “up and running” we intend to expand our pasture raised livestock operation to include layers (egg laying chickens), lamb and pork.


Jibu Inc is a for-profit social enterprise that prioritizes impact in our communities. Our hybrid approach stimulates responsible economic growth and independence. Through local entrepreneurship we produce safe drinking water and sell them at affordable prices in the communities served. While drinking water is our immediate focus, our ultimate goal is to launch a network of independent franchise owners who, with high visibility retail storefronts and proven business acumen, are poised to revolutionize the African landscape while paving the way for developed world resources to become more effectively deployed in emerging markets.


Portcross is an importer, distributer and manufacturer of food and other consumables.  The company was established in 1997 with the aim to provide the Kenyan consumers with premium, quality products that were unavailable in the market at the time. Our objective to this day is placed on sourcing and supplying products that are authentic and offer value for money. Over the years we have continued to place our focus on long-term partnerships with manufacturers and brands that not only stand for quality but offer a functional benefit to the consumer.

We work closely with our partners to innovate and introduce new and exciting products while considering the trends and gaps in the market. At Portcross, we are conscious of the impact on the environment and the need to adopt healthier life improving choices and we are committed to source and provide premium products to suit the changing needs.

Redline Auto and Tyre Centre is a one stop, efficient and affordable garage services provider registered in Kenya.  We boast a highly experienced staff for all your car needs.
"Redline Auto And Tire Centre is excited to be a part of this years' 10to4 challenge. We are proud of all the work Mount Kenya Trust has done in order to conserve our majestic Mount Kenya; with its biodiversity and natural resources. We greatly appreciate this opportunity and we look forward to many more years of great partnership."

Sola Sola is a start-up that provides portable solar power systems to the outdoor enthusiast.

"It was during the 10to4 Mountain Bike Challenge in 2022, that we first used our own portable solar power set up while camping. We thought it nifty that we could power our fridge, keeping those post-race beers cold, and charge all our devices and appliances with a lightweight solution, compact enough so as not to take up much space amongst all the camping gear. Having independent power generated from solar at our campsite has transformed subsequent camping trips into luxury experiences. And so, amidst the beauty of the Borana Conservancy, Sola Sola was born from the idea of providing portable power to a like-minded community that loves the outdoors.

A year later, not only are we back to participate, we’re also thrilled to join the ranks of esteemed sponsors of the 10to4 Mountain Bike Challenge. We hope you’ll stop by our vendor stall to talk cycling, all things outdoors and discover how our products can transform your outdoor lifestyle. Wishing the organisers and participants the very best."

Tropical Heat Logo

Tropical Heat was established in 1973 as a small ethnic snack cottage industry. Today, they are one of the leading manufacturers of spices and snacks in the East African region and the brand Tropical Heat is a household name in Kenya.



Borana Conservancy is dedicated to the sustainable conservation of land and wildlife. Our holistic approach commits tourism, ranching and other enterprises to building local livelihoods and enhancing eco-system integrity.

In 2013, a founding population of 21 Black Rhino were introduced to Borana Conservancy. Once they were settled, Borana and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy were integrated to form one landscape; 92,000 acres of unspoilt African wilderness and the largest contiguous rhino habitat in East Africa. There are now almost 90 black rhino and over 80 white rhino on the Lewa-Borana Landscape.

Our sustainable lifestyle is focused around conservation, community, culture and commerce (the 4Cs). Borana Conservancy is a Long Run Destination, these are carefully selected for their commitment to enacting the 4Cs. All retained earnings from tourism, ranching and other commercial enterprises contribute towards the support of communities, wildlife and its habitat.

Kisima is an extensive, highly productive, mixed working farm in Timau, Meru County, Kenya.  Founded in 1919, and incorporated in 1943, the agribusiness is 100% Kenyan owned and operated.

Whilst arable crops and floriculture are the primary focus, Kisima also manages a successful forestry programme and supports numerous thriving community development projects.

Kisima demonstrates leading environmental stewardship, makes optimal use of land under responsible farming practices, and values its reputation as an ethical food producer of national significance.  Kisima is committed to generating significant value for adjacent communities and to being equal opportunity employer of choice in the sector and region.



MEDICAL PARTNER: Nanyuki Cottage Hospital is a unique Eco-Friendly, Multi-Specialty, Tertiary Care, Not for Profit Hospital at the foothills of Mount Kenya, operating since the 1920s. The Hospital has revolutionized healthcare provision in the Mount Kenya region.

It is a 24 hours, Specialty Hospital, offering various services. We are also the leading provider of Covid 19 Vaccines through MOH in the private sector. We are accredited by NHIF and all major Insurance companies. Recently we acquired Gundua Health Centre and converted it to a 24 Bed Level 4 Hospital. The total Bed Capacity of the Nanyuki Cottage Hospital group is now at 100.

We are committed to sustainability and have pledged to transform as a Carbon Neutral, Eco Hospital, very few in the world. As part of this commitment, we have already planted 100 new trees around the hospital and we have plans to plant 10,000 more trees in next year in association with Kenya Forest Services. On the go green initiative, we transformed ourselves to 100% day time solar power.


Event partners provide equipment, manpower, consumables, prizes, and so much more - we'd never manage without them!

Interested in Sponsoring 10to4?