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In 2021 we’re giving you the chance to compete in East Africa’ greatest bike race from wherever you are. The 10to4 Virtual. Conquer the mountain your way!

The 10to4 Virtual Challenge will take place on 12th, 13th and 14th February 2021 and participants will have three days to complete a course on their home territory, choosing to cycle, run or walk the distance – making this the largest and most inclusive 10to4 ever.

Anyone who can’t join us on the mountain but wants to support the event can raise their own sponsorship to complete their own challenge.

Cycle, run or walk the equivalent of an actual 10to4 course – choose the Mini, the Slide, the Rush or go all the way with the Extreme.


Mini Slide Rush Extreme
Cycle/ Run/ Walk 14 km 39 km 57 km

142 km over 2 days

Participants can be creative with their challenge.

  • Get dropped away from home and cycle, run or walk back home (to a hero’s welcome!)
  • Complete each mile with a different buddy, sharing the challenge with friends and family
  • Get together with 1 or more friends and walk together (following local covid rules) and go the distance together


Adult tickets are £20 and children’s tickets £10.

For the more tech-minded entrants, we have set up the Challenges as Virtual Races on Strava so you can compare progress with others on the leaderboard. To join click here.

If you'd like to register to receive more information on the 10to4 Virtual Challenge including the entry link please email Alice and Jemma on uk@mountkenyatrust.org/ Jemma.Bat@gmail.com.